How to Draw in 3D

3D drawings employ optical illusions to give the impression that an image has depth. This technique can give life to any drawing. It may seem difficult to execute, but in fact, it is easier than it seems. With some techniques, you can make 3D drawings of several objects.

Draw a square. The creation of a 3D box starts with the simple drawing of a square with the pencil, as some lines will have to be erased. The square can be of various sizes but should occupy only a quarter of the page at most. Centralize the shape on the page so that there is space for you to draw the rest of the box.[1]
In the final drawing, this first square will be the front of the box.

Draw a second square that crosses with the first. Place the second square a little aside from the first and above it. To start, draw the bottom line of the second square so that its center intersects with the middle of the left side of the first square. Then draw the right side of the second square so that the center of it intersects with the middle of the upper line of the first square. To finish, draw the top side and the left side of the second square.[2]
The second square must be exactly the same size as the first.
This second square will be the back of the cube in the final drawing.

Make lines to connect the two squares. Connect each corner of the first square to the corresponding corner of the second. For example, make a line connecting the top left corner of the first square to the top left corner of the second.[3]
These lines will create the illusion of the top, bottom, and sides of the cube.

If necessary, erase the lines to make the cube look solid. If you are trying to draw a solid or opaque cube, and not transparent, you will need to erase some of the lines drawn. Erase any lines that you would not be able to see from the angle at which the cube was drawn.[4]

The lines to be deleted include the connecting line on the lower right side, the right side of the second square, and the lower line of the second square.
It may seem strange to have to draw these lines to erase them later, but they help you draw the cube in the correct format.

Paint the sides of the cube, if you like. To highlight the 3D perspective of your drawing, you can paint each side of the box in one color. This makes it clear that the drawing has depth and that each side of the box is distinct.

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Make variations of the box in 3D. When you get the way to draw the box in 3D, you can start making other shapes, like a rectangular box. To make this box, draw a rectangle. Then make a second rectangle a little to the side and above the first. Finally, connect the corresponding corners of the two rectangles.
You can draw other shapes, like triangles, stars, or abstract shapes.

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