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3D Rendering Basics

3D Rendering Basics

Virtual Reality came to change the way we see the world and how we work, from an immersive experience, it can bring more assertive sensations and responses from the user. 

Its utility is becoming more and more useful in different areas and sectors. From NSFW TikTok videos to gaming, cinema, or even architecture. It’s a new market that has been growing over the last few years.

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Drawing a 3D optical illusion

Choose the object you want to draw. The chosen item needs to have a clear and simple outline to facilitate the creation of the 3D drawing. You can draw a hand, a banana or a donut, for example. All these objects have a simple outline and a general shape.[5]
Outline the object you want to draw if it fits on the sheet of paper. For example, you can use your hand, which fits on a normal sheet of paper and is easy to outline.

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