Drawing a 3D optical illusion

Choose the object you want to draw. The chosen item needs to have a clear and simple outline to facilitate the creation of the 3D drawing. You can draw a hand, a banana or a donut, for example. All these objects have a simple outline and a general shape.[5]
Outline the object you want to draw if it fits on the sheet of paper. For example, you can use your hand, which fits on a normal sheet of paper and is easy to outline.

Make a light preliminary sketch of the object using the pencil. Draw or outline the object you want to draw on the sheet of paper. It is best to center the item on the page, but it can lean against the top or bottom of the paper if necessary.[6]
Draw this outline lightly so that you can erase unnecessary pencil marks later.

Make parallel and horizontal lines along the page. Cover all the paper with these lines except the inside part of the paper in the way you just drew. Make the lines close to each other, with a maximum distance of 6.5 mm between them.[7]
To make the lines straight and evenly spaced, it is easier to draw them with a ruler.
If you are using a sheet of paper with staff, you can draw over the existing lines.

Draw curved lines within the contour of the shape. Start each of these curves at the point where one of the parallel straight lines touches the contour. Draw the curve along the entire contour and return, connecting it at the end to the corresponding straight line on the opposite side of the contour.[8]
Each curve will complete a horizontal line that crosses the entire page.
The curved lines should imitate the general shape of the object you are drawing. If the format varies, the lines should make a gradual transition to follow the shape of the object.

Draw over the complete horizontal lines. To make the 3D effect really stand out, define the drawn lines. Draw the entire length of all these lines, including the straight and curved parts. You can use a pen, color pencil or markers to draw the lines.[9]
This contouring work can be done with one color or with several.

Erase the contour in pencil. After the ink dries, erase the initial outline you made. This will increase the 3D effect of the drawing and make the object appear to jump off the sheet of paper.[10]

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